Why Educational Institutes Need LMS?

From traditional Gurukul to multi-layered system, Indian has come a long way in the education sector. However, our education system is highly criticized for being exam oriented rather than learning oriented.

Some of the drawbacks in our current education system are:

  • Teacher-student ratio
  • On an average, teacher is assigned for a classroom of 50 – 60 students. More the number of students, heavy will the burden on teacher. Over-burdened teachers don’t have enough time for researching and analyzing performance of each student and to encourage them accordingly.

  • Lack of Quality Content

    New technologies, science breakthroughs have been emerging significantly. However, syllabus of our graduation years has not been able to prepare the students for any such challenges.

  • Exam Oriented Teaching

    Due to lack of time and pressure of completing the syllabus, and to beat the competition, colleges are more concentrated in teaching students based on marks to achieve.

  • Collaboration between teachers and students

    As most of the time during a class is spend to either teach the concepts or to provide study material, it is difficult for teachers to analyze whether students has actually understood the concept. And moreover, some students can be shy to ask their doubts in front of an entire classroom. So, collaboration between teacher and student is important to improve the education quality.

In order to fill in such gaps, many startups and even well-established companies have started creating or funding technologies based on education improvement.

With an increase in smart phones, internet access and digital mediums, students have started these platforms to gain more knowledge. Even parents have started encouraging their kids to use such tools for quality education.

One such amazing tool is LMS (Learning management system).

What is LMS?

It is a software application that helps universities in create courses, share study materials and monitor student performance. It is often referred as an online classroom in-conjunction with traditional classroom.

In simpler terms, with LMS

  • Teachers can share educational materials, track student’s performance and guide them accordingly.
  • Students can access materials anywhere and anytime. They can interact with students or peers to improve their learning.
  • Administrators of the college can track the progress of both students and teachers. Apart from that, they can also provide notifications to students.

Now that you have got clear picture on what an LMS can do for you. We shall further look into each feature of a learning management system clearly below

  • Material Sharing and Access

    Access to the study material is one of the prime features of LMS. Instead wasting time in the classroom for providing study material, teachers can them in this tool. This helps teacher to concentrate more in teaching the concept. Even if the student is absent to particular class session, he/she can download the shared materials. So, they won’t fall behind the curriculum.

  • Reports and Summary

    Reports after every class taken, attendance, courses completed, people attended, people absent, number of assessments done, the progress of each course and many other deep insights can be organized without any difficulty. This will allow teacher to manage your class reports and summary in a very organized way. It also prevents wasting precious class time for such tasks.

  • Collaboration

    Sometimes students may feel shy to ask their doubts in front of entire classroom. However, with LMS, they can chat with teacher and ask their doubts. It also helps teacher to interact with any student who has fallen behind the course schedule and provide guidance to improve performance.

  • Student-to-Student interaction:

    Peer-to-Peer learning is a vital stage in the learning phase of students, which will help to grow their thinking process while learning. Using this feature, students can create study groups where they can share their ideas or encourage each other to improve their knowledge.

  • Organizing

    Administration is the tough part of colleges and educational institutes. Tracking the performance of both teacher and students can be tough on a regular basis can be tough. However, this challenge can be solved with LMS. It helps organize the attendance and performance with real-time insights. If there is any notice to circulate, then administrator can use instant messaging feature to send it through LMS. It can also be used to contact teacher, student or parent regarding any issue.

  • Calendar

    This feature helps teachers to schedule their classes, assignments, save due dates, set remainders, and upcoming activities. So, they will not have any change of missing any timelines.

Byndr social learning platform for colleges, teachers & students

What Makes Byndr Even More Worthy to Choose?

  • Easy UI (User Interface)

    User interface is the key to any system to make use of it completely useful. The dashboards are interactive, easy enough to manage your course content from time-to-time. Byndr makes organizing your college course content easier than ever. No need to rely upon.

  • Maintenance Free

    Maintaining LMS platforms by colleges involves tedious efforts. It mainly involves maintaining servers to manage all the course data. Apart from data management, LMS platforms need more ability to drive the portal dynamically. Byndr gives power to the colleges and institutes to manage everything on their own. Thanks to our cloud-based and maintenance-free platform.

  • Mobile learning

    Byndr has eased the process of learning with multi-platform access and availability. The content is available in Byndr accessible across PC, mobile, and tablet of different Operating Systems. This makes the student keep learning on-the-go without any practical constraints.

  • Pricing

    Byndr’s pricing is actually free for students and teachers. However, for administrative control, you may have to pay a nominal fee.

  • Secure Technology

    Byndr is a secure cloud-based learning platform that provides secure storage for documents and material.

Few Words Before Wrapping Up…

Learning management system is a lot beneficial in terms of improving education quality in any college or institution. And Byndr has been developed with same vision. The team of Byndr has been adapting regularly to provide the better version to their clients.

If you have any queries, write to us in the comment section below. Our team will respond as early as possible.

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