Major Challenges of Online Teaching & How to Resolve Them?

In the past few years, the world of education has been slowly leaning towards online teaching. Corona crisis has pushed the future into the present – more and more institutions are quickly adapting to digital learning and teaching.

Benefits of online teaching are undeniable: reduced infrastructure cost, flexibility, and others. However, the transition from traditional classroom teaching to online teaching is not as simple as it looks.

Due to rapid change and inexperience, teachers are facing problems with adapting to the new technology. Few teachers are still unsure of taking this new adventure.

Most of the education teaching tools have designed their platforms to be user-friendly. However, there are still challenges that have to be resolved by teachers alone

After talking to several teachers, we have mentioned some of the challenges often faced during online teaching and how to resolve them.

Challenge 1: New to Teaching Online

When you are new to the online teaching environment, missteps and mishaps are common during the initial classes. It is a part of the learning curve to teach effectively. However, you can avoid some mishaps if you are prepared properly. Apart from the training provided by your institution or tool you are using, take some time to read some blog articles and books on topics including how to teach efficiently online, tips to increase student engagement during online classes, and others.

Apart from that, you can also reach out to colleagues or friends who have experience teaching online. Make sure to read the guidelines or new notifications emailed by your college. Make a note of anything important that directly or indirectly impacts your online teaching performance.

Challenge 2: Re-envisioning Course Goals

Teaching a course is different from the classroom and online. Though the context is the same, the way you teach it to students is different. So, going from the traditional classroom to online will require a redesign. Because often goal activities, assessments, and the face-to-face class become flat and uninteresting for students to get engaged. But when you teach them using power-point presentations or documents, then it can engage the students in a better way. There are several tools that will enable you to design your class content in an engaging way like videos, gamified solutions, simulators, and others.

Challenge 3: Unexpected Interruptions

Even after our best efforts, sometimes nature decides otherwise. There are some areas of online teaching that are unpredictable like a server issue, power failure, laptop hanging, broken computer, or a glitch in the software – these issues can pretty much disturb the flow of the online classes. In such cases, it is always better to have a Plan B. During your initial class, collect all the contact information like mail and mobile number to reach out to students is an issue arises. In that way, you can reschedule the class without any hassle.

Challenge 4: Collaboration

Interaction among teachers and students is the key to successful education. Collaborative learning motivates learning and promotes a deeper approach to the subject matter. Unfortunately, collaboration is a difficult thing to achieve when students are not physically present together.

Most of the online study activities like assignment may not develop interaction. However, by implementing group projects can be helpful to increase the engagement. Group exercises are the only way to increase engagement and improve student’s attentiveness on studies

Challenge 5: Ineffective Time Management

Most of the folks start online teaching with the wrong idea – that it will be easy and relaxing than classroom teaching. Well, that’s not entirely true. With all the preparation responsibilities, deadlines, and interaction – educators often find it difficult to manage their work, personal lives, and other professional responsibilities. Managing online class time improperly can be disastrous.

So, we recommend to plan everything ahead and stay organized during the course. Never leave anything until the last minute. Prepare a checklist of what has to be done before starting the online session. You can also use reminders to help you out. Read blog articles and tips on how to manage time and plan ahead. Make sure to switch off your phone and tell you, friends and family, not to disturb during the class.


If you were facing any challenges mentioned above, then we are happy to know that with this information you can resolve it. Apart from the challenges mentioned above, there are can be several others as well. We have curated them based on the feedback we have received. If you are facing any challenge that is not mentioned above, then write to us in the comment section below. We will help out in resolving them.

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