Educational Institutions Under Lockdown: Byndr The Solution

Corona virus outbreak is the biggest crisis world has ever seen. This epidemic has definitely caused a ripple effect across the society in many terms that include education sector as well.

As schools and colleges are closed, education has come to a halt. However, by implementing LMS, you can continue the teaching and learning process at the comfort of home.

A social learning management system has several features that benefit education stakeholders. Some of these features include.

  • Sharing study material
  • Taking attendance
  • Conduct assignments
  • Track progress
  • Create study groups
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration
  • Private message to teacher

Ensuring Continuity for Education Stakeholders
To help students have uninterrupted learning process, Byndr has decided to provide their social learning platform for free, including their enterprise version.

How Can Colleges/Universities Integrate Byndr?
Implementation of Byndr LMS is very easy. To help you with the process, please reach us to know step-by-step instructions for the integration of Byndr.

Adding few students may not be a problem for a teacher. However, adding hundreds or thousands of students can be tough for a college. Our team will assist you with that as well. We will share a sheet with your where you can add the details of your students. Using that information, our team will create the account or sent the invitation to join the course.

Social Learning Platform for Colleges

Teachers can start creating their own Byndr accounts to experience the FREE Open APP.

How Can Teachers Create Byndr Account?

  • Fill the form to sign up – In this step, you have to provide your information like name, email, college and others. Once you complete filling the information, you have to press the submit button.
  • Activate & Set up your account – An email is to the registered email id. You have to open it and click the verification link provided in the email. Once verified, your account will be created.
  • Create your courses/subjects – Now, you can create a course or subject.
  • Invite students by adding their email id’s – Once the course is created, you can invite the students attending this course.
  • Once students get added in the course you can start managing your day-to-day activities like attendance, sharing materials, feed, manage grades, assignments, quiz, polls & many more.

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How Can Students Create Byndr Account?

  • With the invitation from teacher you can find course code to join.
  • Copy the course code and fill the form with required credentials like name and other information. After that you have to press the submit button.
  • Now an email is sent to your account. You have to press the activation link present in it. With that your account will be activated.
  • You can now interact with your faculty (or) teacher by accessing materials, clarifying doubts, submit your course works.

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How Quick Can Colleges Implement Byndr App?
As soon you fill the information and complete the signup process, you can start creating coursework and invite the students. Once students activate their accounts, you can access the features like sharing materials, interacting through chat or news feed or others.

Do colleges or teachers need to have server for implementing Byndr?
No. Byndr is a cloud based system so it doesn’t require any set up costs, servers to maintain.

Is the information shared by teachers or students is safe?
Yes. We assure that the email ids and names provided during signup process will not be shared with any other companies or third parties.

For any further assistance or to clarify any doubts or for demos, our team will always be ready. please click here to contact us.

Teachers & Students
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