Benefits in Adapting Social Learning Platform

Between a traditional LMS and social learning system – which one is more beneficial?

The answer is simple – Social Learning Management System.


Social learning process is a proven concept that – humans learn best from one another – either by observing, challenging, modeling or imitating.

This theory was first proven to be successful by Dr. Bandura – famously known as Father of Social Cognitive Theory.

According to this theory, human brain is wired to learn using below 4 steps


Surrounding factors or in this case fellow peers can influence curiosity on learning.


Students pay more interest in learning from people they like more, like observing them.


By repeating or discussing what has been learnt.


Finding inspiration to excel from others, role models or teachers.

Though this concept has around many decades, in the past few years, it has found its place in the current e-learning dynamics through learning management system.

Why should colleges adapt social learning management?

A combination of LMS with social learning integration is the pathway a student can receive, and teacher can provide for successful outcomes.

It encourages students to interact with fellow peers, either in a group or one-to-one – to discuss new concepts or share knowledge. This helps in their professional career as well – as learning there happens in companies through interaction and on-the-job experience.

Benefits of Social Learning Are…

  • Encouraged motivation even in passive learners
  • Increased collaboration between peers
  • Self-organization skills
  • Sharing knowledge and learning new skills
  • Students will learn to help each other

LMS for Universities, Teachers & Students

How Byndr – Social Learning Platform Helps?

Here are few ways that Byndr App can provide you the best social learning experience.

  • Social News Feed

    News feed is the most important feature of any social platform. It provides an overview of overall activity and lets the user to add comments or like the posts. This feature is similar to the news feed seen in Facebook. When it comes to social learning platform, it has several applications. It enables teachers, students and administrators to share articles, circulars, information, conduct surveys and ask questions.

  • Mentoring Groups

    Teachers can create separate groups for project teams or a group for people who need extra guidance to improve their skills. In a traditional classroom, it is difficult to specially concentrate on students who have backlogs or who need special attention. So, teachers can interact with them by creating a separate group where she/he can extend guidance by sharing any additional material, assigning more tasks, clarifying tasks and others. Similarly, teacher can create separate group for separate project teams. They can guide them on project related information.

  • Peer to Peer

    Similar to study groups with friends, students can create a separate group with their friends and help each other with studies like sharing any new knowledge, exchanging ideas and others. It also helps to access each other performance and help each other to improve their guides.

  • Coursework

    Teachers can share any additional coursework or references on study topics using coursework feature.

  • Polls

    This feature lets teacher to conduct a poll to get student opinion on the class or session.

Features That Byndr is Planning to Add

To improve user experience, team at Byndr is planning to add new features to its social learning App. Some of the features our team is working on are…

  • Online classes

    This feature helps teacher to conduct a class from anywhere and students can attend them from anywhere. This provide classroom experience from their comfort of home.

  • Live Chat

    Sometimes, students may want to personally message during a session, webinar or online class. It also helps teacher or student interact with others who are online at the same time. Chats can be a great place to network with other students and your professors, to brainstorm ideas for those larger projects, or to get help as needed.

  • Q & A

    Just like a physical class or presentation, there will be a Q & A section where students can ask their doubts. Other students may also provide responses, making it an excellent area to participate in to get a quick answer to a question or to just show your teacher how truly interested in the course and its content.

If you want to implement social learning management system in your college as well, then Byndr provides free access to both students and teachers. All you have to do is just Sign Up For Free.

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