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Learn & Innovate
Enables teachers to provide study material, communicate effectively and encourage pro-active thinking among students.
Plan, Perform & Progress
It enables the students to access course material, get their doubts clarified, take assessments and monitor the progress.
Collaboration & Co-ordination
All course activity rolls-up into a simple feed, no clicks, easy social learning, collaboration with real-time push notifications, keeping users engaged and connected.
Assess & Support
It enables the teachers to create assignments, track performance, evaluate for better learning outcomes
Peer-to-Peer Learning
It enables the students to create their own study group, share notes, exchange ideas within the group and focus on self-development.
Secure Technology
A Secure cloud-based learning platform that enables easy integration, Secure storage for documents and material, monitor the engagement level, no set-up costs and no servers to maintain.
Byndr Features

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All course activity posts, shared materials, announcements, polls and quiz, rolls up into a simple home screen feed, no clicks. Keep up with the latest activities, so you can quickly access, collaborate and view notifications in real time.
Here, you’ll find option to create all your courses and link them to students accordingly. All these courses are organized, so you can take attendance, upload and share material; submit assignments, check grades. Create your class and experience the Byndr advantage today!
A simple way to collaborate, interact or initiate one-on-one discussions among the members of the group (teachers-students, students-students, and teachers-teachers). This is an ideal solution for mentoring for events, sports, innovation and so on.
At Byndr, Teachers can manage all their day-to-day activities like marking attendance, post and manage assignments, manage and communicate grades etc.
Within Byndr, you can organize all the material and share it with all the students in the class. You can add Images, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files, Weblinks or share drive links.
Calendar is so designed as to help you easily monitor all your class schedule, assignments, important due dates and get reminders about upcoming activities, thereby giving zero-chance of missing the timelines.
Byndr has been designed and developed with an emphasis on connectivity and mobile user experience. Our native Android & iOS apps along with responsive web app – are lightweight, ensuring that every user has access to educational resources inside and outside the classroom.
It’s a secure cloud-based learning platform that enables easy integration, secure storage for documents and material; helps monitor the engagement level; no set-up costs and no servers to maintain. Byndr, with its in-depth experience in technology products, aims to provide an easy-to-use, fast, and mobile-first platform that benefits the stakeholders in higher education.
  • Our college has got a number of learning resources, and those resources are now made available to students through Byndr. We are very thankful to Byndr – An innovative learning management system can be developed and can be used in all parts of the world.
    Dr. P. Narasimha Reddy
    Executive Director, Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology
  • I would recommend Byndr LMS, it’s simple and easy to use platform within weeks after implementation we could see the usage above 70% and we also noticed improvement in student attendance and Teacher-Student interaction.
    Dr. Satya Lanka Prasad
    Principal Stanley College of Engineering and Technology for Women
  • My compliments to team Byndr for designing a simple and sweet LMS. It is versatile, simple and inclusive. All students and faculty have been very positive about Byndr and its role as a learning catalyst.
    Dr. Sabyasachi Rath
    Dean, Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems and Management
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